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JANUARY: The Ideal Business; How To Build A Hard Money Lending Operation Using Other Peoples' Money, Pt. I; Jan. 31 Tax Deadline For Note Holders Explained; Mobile Home Paper Risks & Rewards; Simultaneous Closings Rules; Some Basics Of Buying Non-Performing Mortgages; Is An Investor's Verbal Quote Dependable?; The Old Rule On 2nds Is Only Part Of The Story; The Real Estate "Crash" Is Causing A Crime Wave; Descent Into Subprime Madness; Bankruptcy Doesn't Stop These Lenders; When Insults Had Class (humor)

FEBRUARY: How To Build A Hard Money Lending Operation Using Other Peoples' Money, Pt. II; My Best Advice To New Note Brokers; Think You Trust Credit Scores? Think Again!; New Online Note Auction Site; Finding Paper At The Dentist's Office!; Can You Buy Mechanic's Liens?; C-Bass Sells NoteWorld; Growth In Seller Finance Seen; New Home Sales At Record Low; The Rise Of The Mortgage Walkers! Politicians Say Americans Need Protection From Big, Bad Lenders, But That Protection Is Already There; Can Your Prove You Own Your Mortgages?; Detroit #1 In Foreclosures; Foreclosures Up 79%; Cities Call For Halt To Tax Lien Sales; The Wall Street Journal Political Market; True Stories Of Bizarre Employment Interviews (humor)

MARCH: 17 Traits Of The Successful Note Brokers; Dealing Wiht Defaults; 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Feel Guilty About Foreclosing; Buying Tax Lien Certificates -- Infomercials vs. Reality; Brokering Sports Contracts; The Confusion Over State Licensing For Note Brokers; The #1 Rule Of Investing; GOOD News -- Home Prices Rising In Half Of U.S.; But Average Homeowner Equity Falls Below 50% For First Time; Another Bad Mortgage Bailout Plan; Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Says Let Lenders Eat Equity; Freedom Means Responsibility; For This Niche Industry, Foreclosures Bring A Boom; Deal Nears To Curb NY Appraisal Abuse; Global Warming -- A Reasoned View; Excerpts From A Dog's And A Cat's Diaries (humor)

APRIL: A Short Lesson On Developing Leads; Why Are You In The Note Business?; Traits Of Successful Home Office Pros; How To Make Your Investors Love You!; Handling Default On A Partial Purchase; Can Notes INCREASE In Value?; Bottom Fishing -- Opportunities Of The Times; Welcome To OUr Newest Investor; ADvice On Letters To Payors In Default; The True Inflation Rate Is Twice As High As The Government Reports, Says Former Reagan Asst. Treasury Secretary; Stated Income Loans - And Lenders - Under FBI Scrutiny; Credit Scores Harvesting Nontraditional Data; BayView First Funding To Hold Broker Event; Condo Sales Suffering In Some Places, Up In Others; Condo-Hotels -- The Worst Of Both Investments?; Casey Serin, A Former Carleton Sheets & Russ Whitney Student, Is A Poster Child For Real Estate Disaster

MAY: (a short issue because it included the 2008 print edition of THE PAPER SOURCE REGISTRY OF NOTE INVESTORS, which will not be sent in this back issue. To receive it, click here.) More Reasons I Think Real Estate Has Probably Bottomed; Consider Factoring!; Note Business Marketing Advice; How Do You Pull Credit?; Are Attorney Referral Fees Legal?; FBI Investigating Troy Titus, Lawyer, Real Estate Pitchman, Asset Protection Guru And Major Con Man; More Investors Choosing To Pay Capital Gains Tax Than Do A 1031 Exchange; Zen-ish Wisdom (humor)

April, 2008 -March, 2009 will be posted in June, 2009



JANUARY: Why Now Is The Best Time Of The Year To Buy Notes; Buying Notes By Phone; Simultaneous Closing Strategies; Don't Let Your Partials Be Construed As Loans; Creating Paper; Is Par Pricing Normal?; Should A Note Broker Focus On Large Commercial Notes?; Attorney Referral Fees; Experian Records; How Many Real National Note Investors Are There?; Never Borrow To Invest; Lonnie Scruggs Warns About Con Man; Chicago Mercantile Exchange Introduces Real Estate Futures Contracts; It's Easy To Steal A Home In Canada; Amassing Tax-free Wealth Using Self-Directed IRAs; The Joys Of Working In Corporate America! (humor)

FEBRUARY: The Art Of Buying Imperfect Notes;Convicted Con Artists Shows How He Could Steal Your Home; Investor Spotlight: Investors Financial Corp.; Creating Marketable Notes, Pt I; A 10-Minute Course On Factoring; Buying Notes You Find On The Internet; Books On The Time Value Of Money; "The Debt Party Has Just Started"; What Are "Wholesale" and "Retail" Quotes?; Should You borrow Money To Start Your Note Business?; InterBay Funding Now Bayview First Funding; Michael Warren Admits Securities Fraud; New Investor In PAPER SOURCE REGISTRY OF NOTE INVESTORS; Personal Savings Rate Now Lowest Since Great Depression

MARCH: It's Time To Rethink The Way You Do Business; Investor Spotlight: Bayview First Funding; Creating Marketable Notes, Pt. II; Medical Receivables Factoring; Mortgage Broker vs. Note Broker; Are There Buyers For Small Seconds?; Today's "Average Discount" For Notes; Wade Cook Going To Prison; The State With The Highest Foreclosure Rate; What Will The Bursting Of The Housing Bubble Do For The Note Industry?

APRIL: Why The Subprime Meltdown?; How One Investor Profits From Foreclosures; How To Find Business Notes; Creating Marketable Notes, Pt. III; What Is A Simultaneous Closing?; Knowing Your Competition -- Filling The Void; What Should Be On Your Business Card?; Facts About Interest You Didn't Know; CEO Of Nation's Largest Home Builder Says 2007 Is Going To "Suck"

MAY: (a short issue because it included the print edition of THE 2007 PAPER SOURCE REGISTRY OF NOTE INVESTORS, which will not be sent in this back issue. To receive it, click here.) Why The Burst Of The Housing Bubble Is Great News For Note Brokers & Investors; The Sub-Prime Meltdown & The Note Industry, Pt. I; What Is A Sub-Prime Mortgage?; Investor Spotlight: Americus Financial Group, LLC; Mortgage Fraud Inflated Real Estate Values Nationwide; The Last Nail In The Coffin Of Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co., Inc.

JUNE: Working With Land Developers To Find Notes, Pt. I;The Note Broker's Great Assets; Supreme Court Says Creditors Can't Seize IRAs; What Is An 80-10-10?; Where Notes Go When They Die; What Background Should A New Note Broker Have?; Usurious Notes; Why Do Investors Want A Minimum Discount?; FICO Overhaul Coming; Former Metropolitan Mortgage Head Sandifur Leads A New Life; Refinancing Horror Stories

JULY: The TRUTH About The Note Business -- "Mentoring" / "Coaching"; How A Little-known Federal Law Could Force You To Reduce Your Notes To 6% Interest; Finding Notes Pt. II; "My Lawyer Says I Need A Securities License To Broker Notes!"; Are You A Note Broker Or Note Finder?; Deadbeats Can Now Buy A Better Credit Rating, Sending Shivers Through The Mortgage Industry; Foreclosure Rate Hits 50 Year High; John Stefanchik Fined $17.8 Million; True Inflation Rate Is Over 14 Percent; Fair Issac Wants To Shut Down The Credit Rental Business; Being Smart Does Not Make You Rich

AUGUST: Major Investor NoteOne Goes Out Of Business; Finding Notes, Pt. III (How To Find Land Developers Who Have Notes); Negotiation In One Lesson; A Primer On Structured Settlements; How To Find An Attorney Who Knows About Notes; Setting Your Fee To Appraise Notes & As An Expert Witness; Wade Cook Is Finally Going To Prison; Granoff Enterprises Funds Record-Setting Disability Purchase; First American Accused Of Running Kickback Scheme, Pays $500K Fine; Jury Rejects Battered Wife Defense In Mortgage Fraud Trial; Indiana Cracks Down On Mortgage Fraud; Why Global Warming Is Junk Science; Public To Trump Mortgage: You're FIRED!

SEPTEMBER: NA Primer On Factoring; "Don't Contact The Payor -- Or The Deal Is Off!!"; The Most Common Mistake In Taking A Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure; Buying Real Estate Agent Commission Notes; The Nation's Largest Mortgage Lender Is In Trouble; Walter Mortgage Co. Going Out Of Business; The Next Real Estate Bubble May Be Commercial Property; House Prices Fall In 1/3rd Of Nation; Home Foreclosures Hit Record High; Bush Wants To Bail Out Subprime Lenders With Your Tax Dollars; Massachusetts Bans "Foreclosure Rescue" Plans; Fraud Watch: Virginia, California, Texas, Florida; Being Poor Isn't What It Used To Be

OCTOBER: The Subprime Market And The Private Note Investor, Pt. I; How To Make Your Investors Happy; Using IRAs To Make Home Loans; Should You Buy Note Holders' Lists?; Note Industry Association Considered; Don't Pay Referral Fees To Professionals; How To Find REO (Bank-Owned Real Estate) Properties; Up To 70 Percent Of Defaults Linked To Application Fraud; The "All-Broad Fraud Squad"; Nevada Is Foreclosure Capital; Empire Mortgage Consolidates Note Buying Operation

NOVEMBER: "Why Should I Accept A Discounted Price For My Note?"; The Biggest Personal Finance Crisis In America -- And It's Largely Unreported; Should You Buy Notes Or Real Estate? Yes;The Subprime Market And The Private Note Investor, Pt. II; Interview: Brownstone Mortgage Capital Corp.; Can You Buy Notes By Phone?; Income Potential As A Note Broker; Finding Notes On The Internet; Where To Download Contracts, Cheap!; First American, WAMU Charged With Inflating Appraisals; Brokers & Investors -- Shred Those Old Files!; Billionaire Sam Zell Gives Advice

DECEMBER: How The Subprime Meltdown Happened; The Power Of Compounding; How To Explain The Discount To A Business Note Holder; The Highest-Paying Skill You Can Learn; Finding An Attorney Who Knows About Notes; Judgment Investing Isn't All It's Claimed To Be; Q & A On Defaulted Notes; The Real Estate Crash Is Causing West Nile Virus! (Seriously); Why I Didn't Buy A Note In 2007 -- And Where I'm Putting My Money Today
(by W. J. Mencarow)




JANUARY: The State of the Note Industry; Residential Capital, L.P. — Opportunities For Investors; Does Courthouse Research Work? Why Investors Want A Minimum Discount; What Separates Note Buyers From Lenders; Wade Cook Indicted, Faces Federal Prison; Purchase Of Associates Gave Citigroup More Than It Wanted; New York Times Endorses “Right” Of Government To Take Your Property; Tribute To Rick Jowers, R.I.P.

FEBRUARY: The Ultimate Way To Find Notes In Today’s Market; Is The Real Estate Boom Ending? Can You Buy Notes By Phone? Is The New Roth 401(k) Right for You? The Note Business & Plucked Chickens; Can Workmen’s Comp Claims Be Sold? Setting Up Shop; Finding Attorneys Who Know The Note Business; How Investors Judge Debt-to-Income Ratios; Americans Now Spend More Than They Earn; Mortgage Applications Fall to 3 1/2 Year Low; New Home Sales Suffer Biggest Decline in 12 Years; Local Officials Scramble To Seize Private Property: Eminent Domain OK'd For Indian Casino; Bank Turns Down “Kelo” Loans For Businesses Seizing Private Property

MARCH: Meeting The Note Seller’s Needs; Restructuring Notes For Fun & Profit; Opportunities In Land Notes; Profit From Calls You Have Been Ignoring; The Importance of Follow-up; Who Pays Closing Costs On A Note Purchase? Can An Escrow Company Protect The Note Broker? Why Do Investors Need Brokers? Can We Still Rely On Credit Scores? Metropolitan Mortgage Sues Founder's Relatives & Former Executives; Michael Jackson’s Loans To Be Sold To Associates Purchaser; Beware Of Having A Trust In These States; How To Sell A Note At A 16% Yield But Make The Same Amount Of Money As Though You Sold It For 12%

APRIL: Profiting From The Skills Of Your Payors; What Is a Realistic Income Potential As A Note Broker; Money-Raising Secrets; What Is A Simultaneous Closing?; Why Isn’t My Website Bringing In Notes? The Final Funding Sources; New Credit Scoring System Announced; Mortgage Delinquencies Rise Again; Your Tax Info Is For Sale; Church To Be Closed By Eminent Domain

MAY: The Secret Of The Note Business; The Path A New Note Broker Should Follow; Is It Legal To "Buy" Part Of A Future Inheritance Or Lawsuit Settlement? Review Of The Book "Succeeding" By John T. Reed; Interview With Dale Ketcham: Buying Mortgages Since 1970; How To Get Market Values And Satellite Photos Of Houses Across The U.S., Free On The Internet; What Is A “Self-Liquidating Loan”? The Typical Closing Costs On Note Purchases; Robert J. Abalos Out Of The Guru Business; An Internet Site To Find The Lowest Gas Prices In Your Area; Dale Ketcham, George Rosenberg, R.I.P.

JUNE: How To Make Money With Mobile Home Paper; The New Hot Real Estate Markets; Why You Should Care About Intrinsic Value; Does Lying Work? Has Notes, Needs Canadian Investor; Sale, Or Foregone Foreclosure? Roth IRA Rules Relaxed Under New Law; New Note Seminar Announced, Just $595.00; Inflation-Proof Money

JULY: 5 Critical Mistakes Private Mortgage Investors Make; New Credit Scoring System Unveiled; How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Owning Real Estate In Your IRA; Investors Who Pay Finder's Fees; How Old Should A Note Be To Sell It? The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration

AUGUST: How To Find Notes To Buy Or Broker; Owner Carrybacks Rise Again!; More Ideas On Finding Notes; Creating The PERFECT Business Note; Risks & Rewards Of Mobile Home Paper; Are Cold Calls To Note Holders Productive?; Sending Money To Unknown Note Brokers; Tax Lien Notes; Do Notes Have To Be Discounted In Order To Sell?; Why Note Holders Don't Respond; Why Note Investors Don't Respond; Are SSI Payments Marketable?; Offshore Trust Primer; Why Tax Cuts Should Benefit The Rich More Than T he Poor

SEPTEMBER: Note Niche: Mini-Storage; What's A "Holdback"?; Working At Home: How To Stay Motivated; Note Closing Made Simple; Test Your Knowledge Of The Time Value Of Money; Are Simultaneous Closings Legal?; Real Estate Seminar Guru Gets 13 Years In Prison For Mortgage Fraud; Once-Sizzling Housing Market Fizzling (& Where It's Still Hot); Beware Of The New Credit Card Scam; Can You Avoid Taxes Keeping Money Offshore?

OCTOBER: Earning High Yield In A Low Yield World (Book Review); Why Notes Are Discounted; Buying Timber Deeds; What Is A Note? (And You Thought You Knew!); What Notes Should You Look For?; Should You Go To Real Estate School To Become A Note Broker?; What You Don't Know About The Do Not Call Laws Can Bankrupt You; Foreclosures Increase 24 Percent; Home Appreciation Lowest Since 1999; How To Insure Yourself Against Identity Theft; Book Recommendation

NOVEMBER: The 2 Best Places To Find Notes; Brokering Invoices (Factoring); To Take Assignment Of The Note When You Are Brokering It -- Or Not?; 10 Mistakes About Flipping Real Estate; Study Says Half The Market Will Be FSBOs In 5 Years; Mortgage Fraud Watch: Florida, Oregon, Arizona; Notes Are Still Better Than The Stock Market; Financial Calculator Software

DECEMBER: 10 Principles Of Financial Independence; Finding Notes With Mortgage Brokers; The Land Note: Full Of Surprises!; Why The Housing Crisis Is Great For The Note Industry; Buying Notes From FSBOs (For Sale By Owner Real Estate); Q&A On Note Brokering; The Realities Of Direct Mail. Costa Rican Notes; My Personal Memories Of Dr. Milton Friedman




JANUARY: How To Make 95% Yields With Little Risk (And Some Work); SAMPLE FORM: How To Protect Yourself As A Note Buying In A Simultaneous Closing; Beginner's Corner -- How To Set Up Shop; Inside Scoop On Note Frauds, Pt. II; Foreclosure Expert Offers Free Advice; What Happens If You Own A Partial And The Property Is Sold?; Beware Of "Credit Investing"; Rules For Simultaneous Closings; Wants Portfolio Buyers; Offshore Guru Jerome Schneider Imprisoned; Fired Fannie Mae Chief Gets $1.3 Million Annual Pension After 5 Years On The Job; New Statistics Prove The Wealthy Pay Far More Than Their Share Of Taxes

FEBRUARY: How To Get More Quotes Accepted; The Investment That Won't Stop Paying; Traits Of Successful Home Office Pros; Divorce Lien Documents; Are Lonnie Deals Unethical?; Court Orders Note Guru John Stefanchik To Curb Claims; Phony Mortgage Co. Steals $1MM From 50 Victims; Tax Evasion Is Growing; Kiplinger's Likes Life Settlements

MARCH: Buying And Brokering Bankruptcy Claims; How To Spot A Fraudulent Mortgage; I Made 49 Percent On This Deal -- How You Can Do It, Or Better; How We Got A "Free" House; Mortgage Investors, Builders, Home Buyers Panic As Lender Closes; Lottery Winners Tragedy; A Tribute To The Founder Of HomeVestors, By His Protégé

APRIL: What Happens To The Owners Of Partials When The Payor Defaults; Improving Your Success Rate In Commercial Notes; Federal Law May Force You To Reduce Your Debtor's Interest Rate To 6 Percent; Overview Of New Bankruptcy Law; Can You Order A Credit Report On A Note Payor Without His Consent?; Don't Waste Your Time Trying To Find Notes On The Internet; Definition Of Seasoning

MAY: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE The Creditor's Dilemma --Collecting On Judgments; Hard Money Lending Can Reap Big Profits; A Little-known Note Investment; Metropolitan's Note Buying Arm To Be Sold; Which Party Should Foreclose On A Partial?; Note Processing Companies; How To Find Business Notes; Buy A Note, Own The Beatles' Music; Flipping Real Estate Is Risky In Any Market; Meet The #1 Tax Cheat; Delaware Lures Family Trusts; Mortgage Fraud Alert System

JUNE: Rules For Buying & Brokering Second Liens; Primer On What Insurance Your Should Have As A Note Investor; Advanced Structured Settlement Brokerage; Investor Profile: Empire Mortgage; How To Pull Credit By E-Mail; How To Report Delinquent Payors To A Credit Reporting Agency; Basic Questions About Negotiating With Institutional Investors Answered; How To Order A Title Commitment; Now Everybody Is Paying For Everything With Home Equity; A Free Country? You're Not Free To Leave The US Anymore

JULY: How To Judge A Note, Pt. I; Investing Philosophy: How You Invest Determines If You Succeed, Pt. I; More On How To Report Delinquent Payors To A Credit Reporting Agency; Better Business Bureau Uncovers National Mortgage Scheme; Mortgage Holder Beware -- The Government Can Seize Your Collateral; Justice Souter May Get His Just Desserts

AUGUST: How To Judge A Note, Pt. II; Investing Philosophy: How You Invest Determines If You Succeed, Pt. II; Prolonged Probate; Lessons From The Kelo Decision; Investors Lose $114 Million In Viatical Fraud; Do Lonnie Deals Still Work?; Market For Government Contract Paper; Best Way To Deal With Realtor Referrals Can A Disabled Person Make It In The Note Business?; Massive Foreclosures Around The Corner?; Greenspan Warns Lenders About Making Risky Mortgages, Says Real Estate Boom Will End; Case Study Of A Mortgage Scammer;

SEPTEMBER: Western United Life Selling Metropolitan Mortgage's Portfolio; A Free Settlement Statement For Notes; How To Judge A Note, Pt. III; Doubtful Down Payment (What Happens When You Can't Verify The Down Payment?); "How I Got Scammed By A Mailing List Vendor"; Does Telephoning Lists Of Note Holders Work?; Can You Sell A Property To Yourself And Sell The Mortgage?; Supreme Court Says Creditors Can't Touch IRAs; Las Vegas Mortgage Defaults Jump 27%; Ohio Real Estate Broker Does Not Have To Honor Commission Assignment By Salesperson; Lawsuit Filed Over Florida RE Fraud; Debt Buyers Targets Of Consumer Complaints

OCTOBER: How To Judge A Note, Pt. IV; "Get The Deed' Foreclosure Scam; Verifying The Balance Owed On A Note Has Built-in Hazards; Negotiating Secrets Of The Pros, By Lonnie Scruggs; Get A Free FICO Score; Can You Make A Living Brokering Notes? Can You Get Everything You Need Over The Internet For Free?; Buying Real Estate Agents' Commissions; The California Note Broker Law; Can You Legally Give The Note Seller A Copy Of The Payor's Credit Report?; What Are Medium Term Notes?

NOVEMBER: Beware Of The Fake "Note Buyers"; How To Collect Bad Debts; Note Niche: Brokering Partially-Paid Life Insurance Policies; Can You Depend On An Investor's Verbal Bid?; The Tax Consequences Of A Note Sale; Georgia #1 In Mortgage Fraud; How Credit Scores Are Calculated; Former Met Faces Criminal Charge, Former CEO Faces Civil Charge; Feds Seize Man's House On Flimsiest Of Excuses

DECEMBER: 10 Rules For Your Note Business; Commercial Property Notes; Self-Storage Profit Center; Who Gets The Payment Made When The Note Is In Transition?; A Free Credit Authorization Form; Getting The Payor's Social Security Number; Looking For Boat Note Investors; Funeral Pre-Needs Funder Needed; Loan Fraud Up Fivefold; Wages Not Keeping Pace With Housing Prices; Beware Of Slander Of Title Schemes; Foreclosure Explosion On The Horizon?; The FACT Act Impacts Note Brokers And Lenders; Couple Buys House For $37.00



JANUARY: What To Say When The Noteholder Asks, "Why Should I Take A Discount?"; The Basics Of Buying Nonperforming Mortgages; The Difference Between Yield And Usury; Private Investor Wants Arizona Notes; Portfolios For Sale; Has Auto Notes, Needs Investor; Information On Commercial Debt Portfolios; How To Handle Government Bureaucrats And Lawyers Who Tell You Buying Notes Is Illegal; What You Should Know About Judgments; Apartment Rental Market Crashing In Most Metropolitan Areas; Developers Scam Litchfield Financial

FEBRUARY: Metropolitan Mortgage Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy; How To Make Your Investors Happy; 30+ Kinds of Marketable Cash Flows; Beware of Partials; High Default Rate In Arizona; Record California Home Prices; Why Sometimes Just Buying The Note Isn't Enough; Beginner's Questions Answered; Will Pay Fee For Investor Referral; Is Courthouse Research For Business Notes Viable?; Subprime Auto Paper Factor; How To Find A Mentor; Is There A List Of Note Owners?; What To Say When The Note Seller Asks, "How Much Are You Making Off Me?"; An Inexpensive, Effective Way To Find Lottery Winners

MARCH: Metropolitan Mortgage Is Still Buying Notes; Two New Investors In The Industry; Business Sense; 10 Principles Of Financial Independence; Special Report (Long): The Metropolitan Situation; Good Questions & Answers About The Note Business

APRIL: The Top 10 IRA Strategies Investors Must Know; The Ultimate Tax Loophole; How To Finance Paper; Taxes: The Real First Lien; Loans And Trust Deed Investments, Part V; The Toughest Part Of the Business; How Can Notes Go UP In Value?; Do You Have To Admit You Are A Note Broker To Sellers?

MAY: Protecting Sellers Of Partials; 10 Questions & Answers On Hard Money; Solution To Predatory Lending: Abolish Holder In Due Course; New NoteOne Pricing Model; "Death Bonds" Get Major Funding; Gas Station Properties Get A New Life; How The IRS Catches Offshore Accounts; Confessions Of A Tax Collector; Beginner's Corner; Note Guarantees; Loans And Trust Deed Investments, Part VI; The Myth Of the "Discount Rule"; Direct Mail: The Cons And Cons; A National Courthouse For Notes?; Needs Portfolio Buyers; Investor For Arizona Notes; How To Market For Lottery Notes

JUNE: How To Analyze A Note; A Primer On The Leasing Business; The Truth About Military Retirement Paper; Investing In Land: Myths And Misconceptions; Simultaneous Closing Questions Answered; Loans And Trust Deed Investments, Part VII; Should You Offer Referral Fees To Attorneys?; How To Make Early Withdrawals From Your IRA; Beware Of New Scam; What City Has The Most Billionaires?; Moving Money -- What You Should Know; Mortgage Brokers Questioned In ID Theft; "We The People" Tax Protestor Convicted; A Lesson From Martha Stewart -- Don't Talk To The FBI

JULY: Doubtful Down Payment; How To Answer The Toughest Note Holder Questions; More On Note Guarantees; Loans And Trust Deed Investments: What You Should Know, Part VIII; Can You Find Note Buyers On-line?; Is Note Brokering Dangerous?; More Details On Early IRA Withdrawals; Credibility In The Note Business; Wants Investors For Portfolios; Mortgage Swaps; Paper Source In The Wall Street Journal; Even Appraisers Say Appraisal Fraud Is Widespread; Lorelei Stevens' New Book "Fast Cash"; Ponzi Scheme "Winners" Still Losers; Court Dismisses Attorney-Client Confidentiality, Orders Info Given To IRS; Your Property Belongs To The Government, Say Radical Environmentalists -- Law Seizing Private Property Said Likely To Pass In Washington State; Tribute To Ronald Reagan

AUGUST: 10 Rules For Success In The Note Business; Case Study Of Making A Bad Note Good; Why Business Notes Are Heavily Discounted; Why I Seldom Order An Appraisal When I Buy A Note; What Can A Smart And Motivated Woman Make Per Year In The Note Business?; Can The Note Business Be Done Successfully From A Small Town?; Notes And Securities Law; Why You Should Consider Selling Your Real Estate Now; Growing Trend: Government Taking People Lands To Sell To Private Companies; Virgin Islands Tax Scam; Have Retail Property Prices Peaked?; Fair Issac Introduces New Credit Score; Broker Does Not Have To Honor Commission Assignment By Salesperson, Court Says; Did You Know This About Late Fees?; Former IRS Agent Leads Tax Protest Movement

SEPTEMBER: Why Being The Highest Bidder On A Note Package Is Not Always A Wise Decision; Creating Mortgages To Keep Or Sell; 12 Questions To Ask Before You Spend Money On A Mailing List Of Note Holders; Tax Secrets Of The Wealthy: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts; Note Broker Guru John Stefanchik Charged In Federal Court For Misleading Advertising; Dubious Paper; Bogus Lists Of Note Holders Peddled By Seminar Salesmen; ACFI Teacher, Sun Capital Exec Fred Steinberg Charged With Racketeering; Litchfield Financial Duped In 29-State Land Scam; Cyber Cash Profoundly Changing Monetary System

OCTOBER: The Best Place To Put Your Real Estate Dollars Today; Buying Divorce Liens; Only 10 Percent Know Their Credit Score; The Top 10 Mortgage Fraud States (It's Surprising!); Beginner's Corner: The Most Crucial Part Of The Note Business; Legal Loan Origination; How Old Should A Note Be To Sell It?; How To Evaluate Your Market; Advertising For FSBOs; FBI: Mortgage Fraud Becoming An Epidemic; Fannie Mae May Have Manipulated Earnings; Worldwide IRS Proposed By (Who Else?) France; The Bonnie And Clyde Of Mortgage Fraud

NOVEMBER: Divorce Lien Balloon Payments; How To Choose A List Broker; Beginner's Corner: The Lesson Of Form 88; 15 Former Metropolitan Securities Brokers Charged With Making False Statement To Investors; If You Offer A Discount To A Debtor For Early Payment, It's Taxable Income To Him; Can You Broker Social Security Payments?; The Most Common Mistake In Taking A Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure; Creating Notes; Chicago Gang Laundered $70 Million Through Mortgage Fraud; Over 10,000 Properties Threatened Or Seized By Government; New Incentive Contests Announced By Investors; Supreme Court Takes Eminent Domain Case; 1031 Exchange Rules Clarified; Offshore Asset Protection Guru Turns His Clients In To The IRS; Lessons learned From The Election

DECEMBER: The Inside Scoop On Note Frauds, Pt. I; Can You Buy And Sell Letters Of Credit?; How To Find Business Notes; Critical Advice To New Note Brokers; Secrets Of High Yield Investments With Lower Risk; Nevada Abandons Corporate Privacy; Canadian Note Website; How To Structure An Unsecured Note; Referral Fees & CPAs; Converting An Involuntary Lien Into A Second Mortgage; Fannie Mae Warns Of $9 Billion Loss


JANUARY: Cold-Calling Note Holders; Creating Financial Independence Using Paper And Real Estate, Part II; Private Mortgage Loans Provide A Short-term Financing Alternative; January 31 Deadline For Note Holders To File Tax Forms; Tips On Business Notes; How To Find Pre-Foreclosures; To Have Or Not To Have Your Contract Professionally Serviced; Be Aware Of How The Law Of Conflicts Affects Your Transactions; Investor For Nonperforming Paper; How Valuable Is Recourse?; Man Gets 5 Years In Factoring Pyramid Scheme; Are We In A National Real Estate Bubble?; New Software Recommendations

FEBRUARY: 10 Ways To Make 10 Percent Safely!; Risks And Rewards Of Mobile Home Paper; Interview With Jon Esperson, Expert Processing Service; Why "Asset Protection Is Sleazy"; Pt. 7; How Investors Buy Seconds; What's Today's Average Discount On Notes?; Private Investor Wants Commercial And Industrial Notes; What Should You Put On Your Business Card?; Pre-Foreclosure First Mortgages For Sale; How To Talk With Note Holders; Credit Card Paper Needed; Auto Portfolio Needs Investor; Investor Wants Nonperforming Colorado Real Estate Paper

MARCH: Where Are All The Notes?; 5 Tips For Beginners; Interview With Dan Gillman, Northeastern Capital Resources; Has Note, Needs Investor; Do Notes Have To Be Discounted In Order To Sell?; How To Handle A Broker Who Wants Your Money Up Front; Tax Lien Notes; Why Note Holders Don't Respond To Your Marketing; Why Investors Don't Respond To Your Requests For Quotes; Are SSI Payments Marketable?; Has Note Holder Database For Sale; Bill Would Force All States To License Mortgage Brokers; The States With The Highest Mortgage Fraud; Personal Bankruptcies At Record Level; Commercial Real Estate Markets Deteriorating; FHA Blacklists Appraisers

APRIL: How The Soldiers' And Sailors' Civil Relief Act May Affect You; Interview With Michele Robbins, CPA, Note Funding Resources, LLC; How You Manage Partials Can Make You Money...Or Lose It; What Is Definancing?; A Review Of The New Software Note Appraisal Wizard; Why "Asset Protection Is Sleazy, Pt. 8; Why You Might Want Real Estate in Your IRA; Should You Use Tax Assessments To Determine Market Value?; The Note Business In Canada; Servicing For Private Investors; What's A Master Broker?; Note For Sale; Secrets Of Credit Scoring; The US Is Buried In Foreclosures; Offshore Guru Jerome Schneider Indicted; Is This The Future Of Tax Auctions?; $2.3 Million Loss On Fraudulent Loans; Two Plead Guilty To Mortgage Fraud; CFN Gets Green Tree (Conseco) Assets; The Rule Of Three; Texas Principal Investor Wants Notes; Beyond Courthouse Researcher

MAY: Don't Compete For Notes! How To Find Notes Before Everyone Else; Special Cautions When Dealing With Seniors; Goals Of Asset Protection; Why The Note Seller Is NEVER Your "Client"; Evaluating A Land Note; Broker Offers To Help Beginners; How To Find Structured Settlements; A Purchaser Of Subprime Auto Contracts; Mobile Home Notes For Sale; Notaries Want Real Estate Buyers And Sellers Fingerprinted; Have Home Sales Hit The Wall?; Personal Bankruptcies Hit Record Level; When Can A Lender Start The Clock On Interest Charges?; Interview With Eric R. Swanson, Investors Financial Corp.; Yield And Usury; What Do You Say When A Note Seller Asks How Much You Are Making On His Note?; Where To Get A National Directory Of Hard Money Lenders

JUNE: Why You Should Avoid Buying Notes In Simultaneous Closings; Discounted Paper vs. Hard Money Loans; Flipping -- Is It Illegal?; Interview With John Groom, C.P.A. Extraordinaire; Tips On Judging Note Training; Why Do Investors Need Brokers?; Interview With Katrick And Associates, Ltd., Defaulted Note Specialists; Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Lenders Challenged On Rates; Why Debtor-Friendly Foreclosure Laws Are Not Good For Borrowers; Will Retailers Replace Lenders?; In 20 Years 2/3rds Of New Home Buyers Will Be Minorities; Advice On Finding Notes

JULY: Court Strikes Down Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Funding -- May Impact Many Other Note Areas; Creating The PERFECT Business Note -- Possible?; 27 Marketing Tips For Your Note Business; How To Discount A Note; Attacking The Rich; Another Note Broker Who Used Private Investors Goes To Jail; One Woman's Roadmap To Success In Notes; Rehabber Has Notes, Needs Investors; Language For An Option To Buy A Note; Foreclosures Hit Quarterly Record; Freddie Mac Investigated By SEC; 2002 Was Strongest Housing Year Ever; The Free Market Is The Solution To Predatory Lending; Investor Needed For U.K. Debt; Why Would A Note Seller Take A Discount Today?; Why Would A Property Seller Take Back A Note Today?; Notes And Securities; Who Buys Land Contracts?

AUGUST: $110,000 Profit From A $75,000 "Bad Note"; Big Profits From Small Notes; Why You Should Avoid Foreclosures Whenever Possible -- An Amazing True Story; What To Say When The Note Holder Stumps You; Definitions Of Some Essential Terms; New Website For Divorce Liens; Should You Get A Non-Circumvention From Your Investors?; Are The Opportunities Gone From Residential Notes?; Bush Administration Imposes Arbitrary Controls On Some Real Estate Financing; Are Housing Prices Falling Nationally?; Law Firms Are Last In Poll Of Public Confidence; Who Was Ponzi?; "Prime Bank Instruments" Are A Fraud; The Bank Of Time; Where To Get Software To Simplify Pulling Credit Files; Investor Wants Small Notes; A New Perspective On Licensing

SEPTEMBER: A Little-known Source Of Mortgage Loans At Less Than A Point Over Prime; Creating Mortgage Notes With Land -- Discounted Paper Profits Instantly; New HUD Regulations Can Have A HUGE Impact On Note Buyers; Finding Info On Finding Notes; Negotiable Notes; Interview With National Investor Rick Roberts, MidWest Notes; Fannie Mae Bombshell; Federal Court Rules Default Interest Not Automatically Owed To Note Holders; Advice To Beginners In Notes; What's The Difference Between Taking An Assignment Of A Note And Buying The Note?; Where To Get Amortization Schedules; Advice On Factoring Accounts Receivable; A Canadian Note Buyer; 4 Rules For Looking Like A Professional; ABA Votes To Weaken Attorney-Client Privilege

OCTOBER: The Two Ways To Find Notes...Or Is It Three?; Some Truths About Tax Lien Certificates; Loans And Trust Deed Investments: What You Should Know, Part I; PAPER SOURCE Subscriber Is Told By State Regulators That Brokering Notes Is Dealing In Securities -- Our Advice; Feds Target "Persons Involved In Real Estate" In Terrorist Act; New Regulations Mean Problems For Mobile Home Sellers & Buyers; Textron Financial's Land Division Announces New Marketing Strategy; McCorkles Lose Bid To Shorten Prison Sentences; Could This Be Real Estate's Future?; Needs Portfolio Buyers; Private Investor For Arizona Notes; How To Sell A Note; How To Create Notes On Mobile Homes; Our Favorite Payor Excuses; Recommended Books On Note Brokering; Source Of Mobile Home Subdivision Notes; Recommended Business Note Buyers

NOVEMBER: Is Every Note Seller A Liar? Part I; Combining IRC Sections 1031 And 121 -- The Best Of Both Worlds!; Have You Considered Factoring?; Know Your Investors: Jim Thurston, David Smith, Developer Finance Corporation, Financiers Of Land Developers; Loans And Trust Deed Investments: What You Should Know, Part II; What Happened With The PAPER SOURCE Subscriber Who Was Told By State Regulators That Note Brokering Is Illegal Without A Securities License (See Oct. 2003 PAPER SOURCE JOURNAL); State Note Broker Licensing Issues; Seller Carrybacks Down 90 Percent; Is Auto Paper A Good Niche Market?; Streetwise Seller Financing; Recommended Financial Calculators; Website With Note Glossary; Advice To New Brokers; Warning To New Note Brokers; Does Zero Down Payment Equal Default?; Broker Offers To Help New People; Why You May Not Want To Contribute To The United Way; More Favorite Payor Excuses

DECEMBER: NoteWorthy Founder Jon Richards Dies; Is Every Note Seller A Liar? Part II; Loan Constants Can Make Or Break You; How To Deal With Arrogant Government Bureaucrats And Lawyers Who Threaten You; Loans And Trust Deed Investments: What You Should Know, Part III; Notes For Sale; Is It Legal And Ethical For Real Estate Agents To Broker Notes?; Why You Should NOT Have A Website To Buy Notes; Finding Structured Settlements; Congress Passes New Credit Reporting Act; Mark Donoghue Leaves Metropolitan; Probe Of Ohio Mortgage Scams; North Carolina Property Appraisals Under Scrutiny; Caymans No Longer A Tax Haven; Poll: For US Rich, Desire For Money Edges Out Desire For Time To Enjoy It; InterBay Has New Broker Program; More Favorite Payor Excuses


JANUARY: Usury -- Old, But Dangerous, Pt. 1; Have You Had Your Financial Checkup?; Is This Investor Trying To Rip Me Off?; Unusual Income Stream For Sale; How To Find An Attorney For Real Estate and Notes; Has Niche Consumer Paper, Needs Investors; Nonperforming Auto Paper And Business Notes Needed In Quantities; Investor Will Pay Par To Par-Plus For Pools Of Commercial Real Estate Loans; Private Investor Will Buy Partials On Mobile Homes; Private Mortgage Gets Nod To Sue FNAC Bank; New Truth In Lending Rules; Study: Collectability of Debts Fall Dramatically Over Time; C-Bass Completes $286 Million REMIC; Pete Fortunato's New Website

FEBRUARY: Earn 330% On Your Money; Two Of The Best Sources For Notes; 7 Rules For Quoting The Deal; Moving From Broker To Investor; What Is A Master Broker?; Former Note Investor MCA Defrauds Thousands For $200 Million; Structured Settlement Owners Now Must Have Court Approval To Sell Under New Federal Law; Warnings About Holder In Due Course; Unseasoned Paper Wanted; Has Portfolio Of "A" Mortgages; Usury -- Old, But Dangerous, Pt. 2; Viaticals In Top 10 Scams Of 2001; GreenPoint Exits Mobile Home Funding; First Licensed Title Firm Opens In Mexico; Anatomy Of A Mortgage Scam

MARCH: The Law On Paying Real Estate Agents Referral Fees For Notes; The Only "Real" Buyer For Partials; Choosing A Name For Your Company; SAMPLE CONTRACT: To Protect Note Investors From Becoming Lenders; Why So Few Investors Buy 2nds; The Value Of Quoting A Partial; Property Manager Gets Jail, $3.2 Million Fine For Failure To Provide Lead Hazard Notices; Interview With NoteOne's EVP Karen Heard; Grand Bank Exits Note Market; Conseco Plans Loan Sales; My Experience With Credit Card Paper; Risky Recourse; Metropolitan Now On AMEX; FHA Blacklists Appraisers; NoteSmith Has Off-Site, Web-Based Backups; More On The Pitfalls Of Holder In Due Course

APRIL: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE Investors' Survey: "If I Could Give Just One Piece Of Advice To A Note Broker, It Would Be..." Pt. 1; Is Military Retirement Paper A Legitimate Cash Flow?; Business Note Basics; Why Would A Property Seller Want To Take Back A Note?; Does Courthouse Research Really Work To Find Notes?; Interview With Genesis Financial's Mike Kirk; $41 Million Note Ponzi Scheme; Citigroup Drops 70% Of Associates Brokers; Should A Broker Claim To Be An Investor?; Newbie Questions Answered; 2001 Was Record Year For Bankruptcies; Assessors Bribed In Largest Tax Scam In NY History; $15 Million Mortgage Fraud; Housing Insurance Cost May Skyrocket; IRS Zeroes In On Offshore Bank Accounts; Chicago Trust Co. of CA Acquired By Bank; How To Find Almost Any Professional Help You Need

MAY: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE Simultaneous Closings: How To Create A Note -- And Sell It!; Undercutting Your Competitors Can Kill Your Note Business; How Long Do Ads Take To Work?; Best Book On Note Brokering; Should The Internet Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan?' Investors' Survey: "If I Could Give Just One Piece Of Advice To A Note Broker, It Would Be..." Pt. 21; How Much Should Note Brokers Charge?; Never Call The Note Seller Your Client; Warning About Expensive Seminars; Why It's So Tough To Find Good Private Mortgages; Metropolitan Expands Broker Incentive Program; FHA Servicing For Sale; Real Estate Investors Club Formed In Bay Area; $4.6 Million Phony Trust Deed Scam Costs Victims Over $4.6 Million; Revenue Sharing Notes For Sale; Pinn Fund CEO Pleased Guilty To $330 Million Mortgage Ponzi Scheme; House Investment Swindle Sends Pair To Prison; Chargeoffs At Record Levels

JUNE: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE How To Use Your IRA To Buy Notes, Judgments, Tax Certificates, Lottery Tickets, Even Pork Bellies!; PAPER SOURCE Helps Crack International Multimillion Dollar Advance Fee Fraud; Time To Come Clean About The Time Value Of Money; Dealing With Defaults; A Few Million In Nonperforming Seconds For Sale; Has A Steady Stream Of Home Notes; How To Sue Your Favorite Guru; Investor Wants Seasoned And Unseasoned Seconds; Why Asset Protection Is Sleazy, Pt. 1; Judge Runs Mortgage Company From Bench; Mortgage Banker Gets 97 Months For Scam; We The People Trust Promoters Arrested

JULY: >TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE 6 Months In The Note Business, $30,000 Richer -- How I Did It"; How To Broker Large Notes; Needs Investor For $150,000 Per Month In Student Loan Notes; Problems In Having A Real Estate License Or Appraiser License And Being A Note Broker?; Beware Of Buying VA Disability Payments; Investor For Nonperforming Paper; Judicial Judgment For Sale; Why Asset Protection Is Sleazy, Pt. 2; Is The Housing Market A Bubble Ready To Burst?

AUGUST: The Best Source Of Paper; How Much Should Note Brokers Expect To Make On Transactions?; 12 Questions To Ask Before You Rent A Mailing List Of Note Holders; Avoiding The Trap Of Environmental Liability; Watch Out For Mafia Paper!; Judgment Investing Isn't All It's Claimed To Be; Custodians That Will Allow Notes In IRAs; Questions About Defaulted Notes; Connecticut Investor Wants Deals; Brokers As Lenders; An Investor For Mobile
Home Notes WITHOUT Land; Mortgage Investors Inc. Accused Of Ponzi Scheme; Retirement Settlement For Sale; How To Handle Bankrupt Mortgagors; 1st Connecticut To Sell Mortgage Assets; Tennessee Mortgage Broker Pleads Guilty In Scam; PMIS Reaches Settlement With FNAC; Why Asset Protection Is Sleazy, Pt. III

SEPTEMBER: A Proven Paper Evaluation System; Working At Home -- How To Stay Motivated; State Supreme Court Voids Mortgage Created In Simultaneous Closing; Note Finding Ideas You Can Use; Traits Of Successful Home Office Pros; Do You Need To Be Certified To Be A Note Broker?; How Not To Do Business; Coal Net Lease/Royalty For Sale; Insurance-Based Income Stream Available; Trans Union Hit With Judgment; Loan Officer Robs Bank; Green Tree Had Highest Paid CEO In US; Conseco Stock Value Likely To Be Wiped Out; Large Auto Note Portfolio For Sale; Attorney Recommended; Wade Cook Co. Chairwoman Quits; Why Asset Protection Is Sleazy, Pt. 4

OCTOBER: TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE How To Use Notes In Ways You May Not Have Thought Of!; Court Rules Loan Created In Table Funding / Simultaneous Closing By Unlicensed Broker Is Illegal; How To Close Transactions Faster; What's A Holder-In-Due Course?; A Foolproof Method To Get The Mortgagor To Sign The Estoppel Letter; Negotiation Tips; Interview With David DeRosa of Island Properties; Why Asset Protection Is Sleazy, Pt. 5; Is The S&L Crisis Coming To The Mortgage Industry?; A Seller Of Pacific Island Notes; Warning About Tax Liens; Investor Wants To Buy Real Estate Anywhere In US; Large Portfolio Of Auto Notes Available; Texas Is Worst State For Mortgage Fraud; Citigroup Paying Record Amount For Associates' Predatory Lending

NOVEMBER: New 40% Tax On Structured Settlements; 7 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Rentals; 34 Ways To Improve A Note; How To Judge A Note Class; Household To Pay Largest Consumer Settlement In History; Bad Credit? New Lender Doesn't Care; The Top 10 Land Markets, May Be A Good Source Of Notes; Pre-Foreclosure Property Market Recommended; 83 Indicted In Ohio Mortgage Fraud Scheme; $46.8 Million Settlement In California Title Insurer Suit; Direct Investors Seek Plastic Surgery Paper; Apartment Lease Paper Idea; Commercial Notes For Sale; Needs Investors For 2nds; A Consistent Source Of Notes; Mortgage vs. Deed Of Trust: What's The Difference?

DECEMBER: Creating Financial Independence Using Paper And Real Estate, Part I; The Dirty Little Secret Behind Maritime Notes; Earn 31% Yield On What You OWE!; The Best Advice I Ever Got; Cashing In On Your Competition; How Much Should Referral Fees Be?; Investor For Sub-Prime Auto Paper; The Joys Of Creative Tenants; Massive D.C.-Area Fraud Ring Busted; Bankruptcy Reform Much Brighter; New Bank Debenture Scam Warning; Credit Agency Employee Sold Files To Nigerians In History's Largest ID Theft; What You Didn't Know You Should Do If Your Wallet Is Stolen; Steps To Take Now To Prevent Your Identity From Being Stolen; Why Asset Protection Is Sleazy, Pt. 6



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